Scaffold Tube Marking & Scaffold Board Plating Machine

The Scaffmate is a dual function electro-hydraulic press system for the improvement of scaffold boards & battens, and the repair of those items which exhibit longitudinal end splits. This machine has an integrated high performance security embossing facility for 48.3mm diameter scaffold tubing.


This machine is powered by an electro/hydraulic motor and is available as a combination or as two separate variations:

Nail Plater
The Nail plater variation assists in the repair of damaged scaffold boards:

  • 0.5 tonne side clamping pressure is applied in the closing of the split board
  • A pre set controlled pressure of 8.5 tonnes then presses and embeds the nail plate into the board.(Complies with NASC guidelines)

The Scaffstamp variation, security embosses 48.3mm outside diameter scaffold tube:

  • Permanently security marks all types of parallel scaffold tube including aluminium and steel along the full length
  • Embosses at a rate of approximately 25 meters per minute
  • Marking ring dies are made from hardened tool steel ensuring longevity and durability
  • Marking ring dies can easily be replaced when required
  • Marking ring dies are available in a composite option enabling interchangeable lettering

Scaffmate Specification
Specification Details
Motor 240V
Weight 380Kg
Height 1580mm
Width (With Conveyor) 4240mm
Width (Without Conveyor) 900mm
Depth 750mm
Solid Ring Die
Option Product Code
Solid ring die (up to 53 characters) TSU000100
Composite Ring Die
Option Product Code
Composite ring die holder TSU000101
Characters for composite ring die holder TSU000102
Lock plate for composite ring die holder TSU000103
Property plate for composite ring die holder TSU000104
Composite spacer for composite ring die holder TSU000105