Hydraulic Tube Straightener

Hydraulic scaffold tube straightening machine

This machine has been designed to straighten any length of standard or system scaffold tube made from material including steel or aluminium. This machine comprises of a pushing cylinder that is mounted centrally to two circular support pins. Bent scaffolding is placed between the two pins and is straightened using the reciprocating cylinder former. Control of the machine is by means of a foot switch, depressing one switch advances the cylinder, releasing the switch will stop forward motion of the cylinder. Pressing the retract switch will withdraw the former from the tube. The Hydraulic tube straightener is a portable unit available in an electro-hydraulic format or an electric start 5.5hp diesel powered hydraulic unit.

Hydraulic Tube Straightener

This machine is powered by a portable electro/hydraulic system specifically designed for the re-alignment of all types of parallel steel tube.
The Hydraulic Tube Straightener’s features include:

  • Optional 5.5hp Yanmar diesel engine
  • Adjustable push stroke
  • Adjustable lugs


Specification Details
Motor 415V 3-Phase 5.5hp (TSU000108)
  Diesel motor option (TSU000109)
Weight 475Kg
Height 1100mm
Length 1200mm
Width 800mm

Hydraulic scaffold tube straightening machine operation

The following media show examples of the machine in use, the ease of operation and safety features offered.