Scaffold Security Marking & Scaffold Maintenance Machines

Machinery Portfolio

We manufacture a comprehensive range of durable scaffolding security marking & scaffolding equipment maintenance machines, please take a look at the range of machines we offer below.


    The Scaffmate is a dual function electro-hydraulic press system for the improvement of scaffold boards & battens, and the repair of those items which exhibit longitudinal end splits. This machine has an integrated high performance security embossing facility for 48.3mm diameter scaffold tubing.



    This machine has been designed to straighten any length of standard or system scaffold tube made from material including steel or aluminium. This machine comprises of a pushing cylinder that is mounted centrally to two circular support pins. Bent scaffolding is placed between the two pins and is straightened using the reciprocating cylinder former.



    This machine is a portable hydraulic vice designed to assist in gripping all types of steel forged scaffold fittings therefore enabling servicing to take place using an impact driver. This application ensures that some of the most badly seized fittings are put back into service at a favourable rate.



    Developed by TSU Engineering to complement our existing and established range of scaffold security marking systems. The System Scaffstamp machine can emboss your company information on almost any type of round or tubular access equipment.



    The Scaffstamp will continuously emboss any length of steel or alloy scaffold tube at a rate of approximately 25meters/minute. Its electro-hydraulic drive unit is smooth running and resistant to shock loads or jamming caused by damaged tubes. The marking ring die which is bespoke to each customer and constructed from hardened tool steel, allows an embossed mark of up to 53 characters which permanently identifies the tube.


  • Marking Dies

    We offer both a fixed and configurable die options for use with our scaffold stamping machinery.