Scaffold Security Marking & Scaffold Maintenance Machines

TSU Engineering

TSU Engineering is a business that has strong links within the scaffolding industry therefore we know, safe well engineered machines play a vital role in planned maintenance and security in keeping your business functioning well and reducing costs. TSU Engineering products not only lower costs in repairing equipment, they assist in maximising your assets life span.

What we do and how we work

  • Commitment to ensuring the best customer service possible

At TSU Engineering we aim to provide the very best in customer service for all our customers. We cater and adapt to meet the operational needs of any size of client.


  • Commitment to ensuring a high level of communication with all customers

Our dedicated customer service team based in Chelmsford & Darlington will respond to your enquiries by telephone, email in writing or in person 24hours a day 7 days a week.


  • Commitment to transparent, accurate invoicing

Here at TSU Engineering we will provide clients with invoices that are accurate, easily understood and will include all the relevant details your company will need for accountancy.


Our Clients

Please take a look a some of the clients we have worked with and provided equipment and services to